Thursday, April 28, 2011

summer in my flat

The summer is here and my flat beams with sunlight all day long. Everything looks more colorful and lively, there seems to be so much energy in the air! The flowers look prettier and the fruits yummier, I love summer and its my absolute favorite season. I can here birds chirping almost every morning and sometimes I get visited by my friends with wings perched outside the window!
The English summers are very beautiful and there are cherry blossoms and horse chestnut trees every where!  

Sharing some pictures of the lovely carnations brightening up my window and the oranges so pretty that I just don't want to eat them! :)

The beautiful days of summer are a great 
inspiration for learning crafts and that's exactly 
what I am upto. Some pretty crochet yarn and a crochet hook and I will soon be sharing my creations.

Holii@Wonder Hill


A right royal festival of Wonders!

30th April, Saturday From 11:00-18:00

96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge

From 11am Wonder Hill take over the Miller and bring a wide range of Indie crafters, artists, designers (holii is there too!!) and makers to showcase and pedal their wears alongside a range of sustainable and vintage clothing and curiosities.


There will also be a charity clothing swap raising money for Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal, for the bargain price of a £2 donation. The bar will be open alongside the kitchen and a most fabulous cake and sweet treat stall!

In partnership with 'Jabberwocky' there will be music and surprises throughout the day popping up to entertain you jogging into an evening of the the finest live music that money can't buy, 5 bands will take over upstairs from 8pm including -

Tall Stories
(Lighhearted songs about bigots, idiots and unwanted pregnancy.)

Jim'll's Brain
(Prepare to be astounded by this cape wearing blue man and his musical genius, You will laugh, cry and maybe puke.)

The Road Agent
(Neoteric Anglo-Japanese Alt/Rock quintet from North London)

8pm till late

£5 entry - £4 with flyer.

ALSO NOW FEATURING Kitty Junkbrother and The Family Rain.

Briiilliant!! check them out and come on down to enjoy le funshine! xx
Lets Make the most of our Loong weekend, REALLY hope to see you there! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

charity to feel happy and not miserable..

I have got a new problem these days and its making me crazy!! Whenever I go to my local Romford Market, I am mauled by zillion charity workers trying to get my bank details. They torture you with there taunts, tell you gruesome stories and make you feel guilty. 
And, no matter how much charity you do otherwise not contributing to 'there' charity is all that matters to them. They comment on your clothes, your watch, your bag and if by chance you are sipping a cup of coffee then you are dead! And if its starbucks, god save you coz they hate starbucks! Believe me they make you so miserable that you just want to go home and sulk that you can't afford to contribute to every charity in the world!

Its like going to the market happy and coming back sad, literally they wipe off the smile on your face!! So, the shopaholic in me started thinking of ways to avoid those mean people and then I changed my route. To my bad luck found another group there and I was so scared that I ran back home without even looking back. It may sound funny or untrue but people like me who are emotional and want to support the world can really feel miserable if sometimes they can't.

 am not against charity but I like to do things my own way and I think I should be allowed to do that without any interference or approval of a charity worker. So, I am doing my bit this month by participating in the childreach international charity craft fair held on the 24th April (easter sunday) at Long Meldford Village Hall, Hall Street, Sudbury from 10-4. So, if you around or not doing much that day please take a pause for a cause and join us to browse through various crafts stalls (including products from holii). There will also be some tea coffee and cakes. If you need help with the location please leave a message, I will be happy to help!

We hope to see you :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

i have a kitchen garden

I know I live in a flat on a 3rd floor but yes yes i have a kitchen garden :)
You wonder how? well I never said it was big, its really tiny and I am growing my own herbs!! coriander, chives and basil are growing super quick but there is no sign of parsley yet still I am hopeful! Can't wait to use them in my cooking!!! sharing some pics of my cute little garden.. :)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i need a bed bench

Its been almost an year since i got my new bed and I sooo wanted to get a bed bench but the room was'nt big enough!!! Now since the room is big and there is loads of space to add some furniture I have to find a nice bed bench there are a few looks but I am not sure which one to go for?? Although I am a sucker for bohemian look and I have few ideas to restore an old bench but I cant find an old bench :(. Any way I'll keep looking but until then here are a few choices, which one do u suggest ?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the little penny pouches

My little penny purses are ready now.. hurrayy! it was quite a task to make these decorative flowers but i think i have mastered them now ;) And the little purses will be on sale next week at the spitalfields market alongside my other bags and jewelery pieces. 
I have used the border print of the lining fabric and some gold ribbon to make these decorative flowers. sharing some pics!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

craft day

Today I needed a break from my usual jewelery making and other chores, so I gave my things to do list a miss and pulled out some sweet tins that I had been using randomly, Some old magazines and ribbons. For the past few days I have been thinking of sorting my beads, ribbons and laces. I needed storage boxes for that and these tins are ideal!
So, six hrs of cutting, tacky glue and pasting later this is what I achieved and I am pretty pleased with it!! :)

The three tins are all revamped and ready to be filed with jewelery supply. I have to collect some more boxes,   so that I can do it again sometime!!!