Friday, September 24, 2010

can't believe its been 2 months

i just checked the date of my last post and its been 2 months!! time has flown past pretty quick and i have been very busy.. i have moved into a new apartment as my old place flooded due to some sewage problem, while i was on holiday (sigh!).. but a new place signifies a new beginning... a fresh start to my dreams!

honestly, i am very pleased with my new place its spacious, airy and has very positive vibes!
i still don't have many pics for u to see as the place is pretty much empty.. we'll get some furniture tomorrow (shopping.. hurray!) and will have something to show u next week...

for now here's a shot of my cute li'l plant that i can see from where i am sitting..

dream on peeps and have a happy weekend!!
neha xx