Thursday, April 28, 2011

summer in my flat

The summer is here and my flat beams with sunlight all day long. Everything looks more colorful and lively, there seems to be so much energy in the air! The flowers look prettier and the fruits yummier, I love summer and its my absolute favorite season. I can here birds chirping almost every morning and sometimes I get visited by my friends with wings perched outside the window!
The English summers are very beautiful and there are cherry blossoms and horse chestnut trees every where!  

Sharing some pictures of the lovely carnations brightening up my window and the oranges so pretty that I just don't want to eat them! :)

The beautiful days of summer are a great 
inspiration for learning crafts and that's exactly 
what I am upto. Some pretty crochet yarn and a crochet hook and I will soon be sharing my creations.

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