Thursday, August 6, 2009

Home dream home..

Last night saw a video showing shahrukh khan's home.... it was grand, opulent and most expensive house money can buy!!! I am sure he would have really dreamt to have a house like that and like me when he was 26 he could'nt afford it!!!
This thought gives wings to my dream of a lovely house... so open your eyes to a little imagination, crazy thoughts and mind full of madness.... lets journey through my dream of a dream home!!!

Hmmm.... I am all dreamy eyed for a beautiful house full of positive energy, a mirror of my personality (i wish to include my husbands personality as well but a cricket field in the house would be a bit too much!!). My dream home is very green, fragrant, light and bright!!! I dont want a huge house, as it would be hard to maintain but it should be a decent size. I absolutely love duplex or multi level houses, even in small plots its easy to obtain a bungalow look from the outside and a bags of space inside!

I dream of having a little garden outside the house, may be a green trail from the patio can lead me to a nice garden with lots of flowers, trees and I can puts some clay figurines in the garden(WOW)!!! Not a huge garden but my own green escape to the country.... Something like the one on right is the garden of my dreams!!!

Moving on to the inside of the house...
First and foremost I would like a nice size room for butsudan where I can offer my prayers. A butsudan is an object of worship in Buddhism. I follow the philosophy of buddhism as an important part of daily life and for years have wanted to have my own butsudan and prayer room!!! The one own the left is the image of butsudan I want to have very soon and I think it would make the most beautiful prayer room!

Along with that a spacious living room on the gorund level with a good size open kitchen would be ideal. I never felt living room was a very important place of the house till i came to England. I remember in my childhood days the drawing room (that's what we call a living room back home) was only meant for guests, it was more of a reception room. But now i have a completely different view probably coz i spend most of my time in the living room now!! I feel a living room is the heart of the house, its where the family should sit together, have heart to heart conversation. I want a nice warm living room with a very raw appeal, i am very drawn to english style of interior and would like to have wooden beams and exposed brick walls. A view of the beautiful garden outside, where one can sit, relax and obviously entertain guests!! Some what similar to this pic in the right!

Ooh also, it would be great to have a little space to sit and read.. I love reading and a wall full of books would be fabulous i think this picture shows a huge library, however i can make do with a miniature one.. just a wall of books may be!!

Next to the ambitious living, i would like a nice size kitchen. I enjoy cooking and my hubby is a big foodie.. so a nice kitchen is very important. If the living space is the heart then kitchen is the stomach of the house (yeah, i like doing symbolism!).. i would like a big cooker, oven (i like to bake) and all the bits and bobs. Basically, loads of space to fit in every possible kitchen gadget!! A breakfast table looks cool, its more sort of eating in the kitchen and in winters i think its so much funn.. My parents dint have one when I was a kid so i used to put a dining table chair in our tiny kitchen... you can say its a childhood fantasy!! Thats it on the ground level, if we can squeese in a little loo it would be very convenient and practical.

Lets, take the flight of stairs to the next level, that is the first floor of the house i have two ideas for that; one it could be split levels and the other one could have four good size rooms on all four corners of the floor leaving some space in the centre where i would like a little mandir. Out of the four rooms three could be bedrooms and the fourth one could be an activity room. Needless to say the bedrooms should be ensuite and the master bedroom should be plush.. I would like a kingsize bed, seperate dresser cum wardrobe and ensuite!! A beautiful bath room most likely in blue and beige just like the one below looks very tasteful. However, i am a shower person so don't need a bathtub really...even a small ensuite would suffice. Recently, i went to scotland the ensuite with my room was not very big but it was a comfortable size...i have a picture of that in my mind and would really like something like that. Rest of the bedrooms can be small, you know economy size but no compromises on the master bedroom!!!

Also, as i said it could be a split level concept with lower first floor and first floor, i feel not only would it make more use of space... visually it would make a pretty picture..

I guess a lot more will keep adding to the dream with time... so just hope the dream comes true sooon or it will get very expensive!!!

I took the home concepts from the following sites.. if you are planning a house check them out!!

Also, please feel free to share your dream home ideas!!!
dream on !!! :)