Tuesday, April 5, 2011

craft day

Today I needed a break from my usual jewelery making and other chores, so I gave my things to do list a miss and pulled out some sweet tins that I had been using randomly, Some old magazines and ribbons. For the past few days I have been thinking of sorting my beads, ribbons and laces. I needed storage boxes for that and these tins are ideal!
So, six hrs of cutting, tacky glue and pasting later this is what I achieved and I am pretty pleased with it!! :)

The three tins are all revamped and ready to be filed with jewelery supply. I have to collect some more boxes,   so that I can do it again sometime!!!


  1. this reminds me of those ed hardy t-shirts

  2. Yes Shubi, i dint realize it earlier but now that you have said it does have a ed hardy like pattern :) xx