Tuesday, June 28, 2011

crochet crazyy

I have been hooked to crochet like crazy! It might sound like an old lady's hobby but trust me its soo much fun and I find it therapeutic. I dont know how long I can continue with this new craft coz hubby dearest is not soo happy!! Anyway I really like crochet blankets and I decided to make one (yes, I am very ambitious) and its not very hard just a bit time consuming as i need approximately 150 blanket squares before i can sew them together and I have only made about 40 so far and it has taken up over a month... SO i MIGHT end up with a cushion or a throw for the couch :p
I am sharing some of my inspirations for the project, really love what people have created and i hope my blanket turns out like these LOVELY THINGS..

will share  my own work soon...


  1. this looks great,seems you are putting in alot of effort and time in your crochet project Neha, good luck and looking forward to see your work :)

  2. The projects look beautiful... You have some wonderful products listed at Holii... All the very best !!