Wednesday, October 20, 2010

check this

was so pleased with my new quilt packing idea that I had to share a pic.. 
its wrapped in plastic (so that it does'nt get dirty) and its tied with a hemp string in the middle. I have made a little loop at the top for handling and its unbelievably sturdy!! And I know its self praise but it looks awesome!! :)

hope ur having a good day!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

holii's 1st exhibition @ norwich

helloo guys,

its been 3 days since I have been longing to share the response but my internet is just not letting me do it!!!
anyway, it all went really well.. as a 1st timer needless to say how nervous I was but the words of appreciation soon started pouring in and  it was a great feeling (I have not stopped smiling since)! :)

This is how my little space looked, will have to go for a bigger one next time on!
I will be working on the look and decoration of my stall space as I felt it needed improvement, what do u think?? pls share some ideas..

The next event coming up is in Colchester on 30th-31st October'10. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

holii: an out burst of colors is here...

alright then, i think i FINALLY have something to show u all now!!! i have worked really hard on this for the past 4 months and a peek at what i have been upto is right here...........

The first holii exhibition is in Norwich, UK on the 15th of this month... fingers crossed xx

P.S If any of you guys would like to drop by for the exhibition let me know, i'll be happy to send you more details! : )