Monday, June 6, 2011

its my birthday in less than 2 weeks!!

So i'll be a year older in 2 weeks and I am really excited! (or so I think)
 And I wanted to share my excitement with my fellow bloggers but I don't have a lot of friends (only 18 followers) sigh!! So, I decided to do something special and make more friends... and I have decided to do a give away!! 

Here's the deal, until the 20th of june (that's my birthday) I will be doing a Lucky dip and everyday I will select 2 new followers (with my eyes closed, no cheating) to give them a free coin purse!! 

Here are the pics of the 5 different coin purses up for grabs.
So all you have to do is become a follower and if you are a blogger please share this post on your blog (let's spread the joy).. Don't forget to leave your 'email id' in COMMENTS of this post, so that I can contact you if you get lucky.
Looking forward to the next 2 weeks!!!


  1. done...posted about the giveaway...and you know my email id....pick me pick me :)

  2. Hi! Happy Birthday in advance! = D

    My ID:

    My blog:


  3. lol sure kanika but I have something else in mind for u! :)
    Many thanks to Jananni Rajan and Shweta Jain Chopra for following this blog...i will keep you posted if you guys get lucky!

  4. Thank you Twisha Maniar from One Life. Many Moments. :)

  5. A big hello to Ila kapoor & Devanshi (devil216) thanx for joining in guys!

  6. Btw Kanika told me about ur blog so pick me pick me :)

  7. Hey

    lovely to chance upon ur sure by the time ur birthday arrives u will hv tons of friends...

    gud luck..


  8. thank u so much guys!! yes rina thats exactly what I want. :)

  9. Hey Neha,

    Happend to see your blog post in Kanika's blog... your designs are great....

    Hope you get more friend and wish you a advance happieeeeeeeee b'day!! God Bless :) :)

    Best Wishes,

  10. Thanks a lot varsha.. please share the give away on your blog too.. :)

  11. Its done :) :) Please check it out!!

  12. Oops, I commented on the Day 2 page :) Nice pouches, Neha, and a nice idea to make friends :)

    Pick me, pick me.