Tuesday, June 7, 2011

give away day 2

Thank you so much guys for joining in and I am really pleased to have made few new friends!! As promised there has been a fair lucky draw and the winners for 7th June are.....'Twisha Maniar' of  One Life. Many Moments. and 'Jananni Rajan'. Many congratulations guys!! Please email me your addresses and I will post your coin purses very soon... :)

And for those who did'nt win today, do not despair I'll add your name chits again in tomorrow's lucky draw as a special thank you!! :)
cAlling out to all those people in the blogland who want to make friends and win some goodies...this is your chance !!! Read below for day-2 of my birthday give away!!!!

So i'll be a year older in 2 weeks and I am really excited! (or so I think)
 And I wanted to share my excitement with my fellow bloggers but I don't have a lot of friends (only 18 followers) sigh!! So, I decided to do something special and make more friends... and I have decided to do a give away!! 

Here's the deal, until the 20th of june (that's my birthday) I will be doing a Lucky dip and everyday I will select 2 new followers (with my eyes closed, no cheating) to give them a free coin purse!! Here are the pics of the 5 different coin purses up for grabs.
So all you have to do is become a follower and if you are a blogger please share this post on your blog (let's spread the joy).. Don't forget to leave your 'email id' in COMMENTS of this post, so that I can contact you if you get lucky.
Looking forward to the next 2 weeks!!!


  1. Hey.. the coin punches are looking so good.. congrats!! nice idea... keep it up!!
    - sushmita.viswa@gmail.com

  2. thanx sush, pls follow the blog as well to join the give away! :)

  3. :D Thanku neha!! They are adorable!!
    ANd, is it the same Holii, which is at palladium??

  4. Congratulations :)