Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wonder hill's big day @ the miller

Had a great day at the Wonder Hill Market held at a lovely pub called The Miller, near Tower Hill. The day was bright and sunny and the market was indoors so not a big turn out but it was a great experience. As it was a designer market there were some very interesting products on show. Sadly, my camera broke down and I could only click few pics of my stall space. Given that it was a pub market the space was very interesting and we really enjoyed dressing up the stall. Sharing some pics hope you like them too! :)


  1. Seems as though you have had a great day!. your designs are very beautiful, especially the colours go so well with the spring season. I really want one of these bags...

  2. then u should really get one soon! :) the ilford event is next saturday keep urself free on the 14th may. will send u details shortly.

  3. Love your bags - the colors and the choice of prints... Lovely !!