Thursday, March 31, 2011

shopping in belek

So i googled shopping in alanya and this is what came up;

The experience for every tourist is to once visit one of the many Turkish markets. The colored driving and the variety of the offer will always remain in your memory. Belek has a very typical Turkish market on ever Saturday. It is very interesting to observe the atmosphere and the colored driving and the action there. All here offered textiles or perfumes are forgeries. Begun from fruit, vegetable and hardware, handiworks, by living chickens, up to the copy of the jeans of Levis, everything is offered for sale. Here many people come from the surrounding villages and sell they products. 

well, i can already see myself roaming in the streets of belek, checking out local foods and crafts it has to offer and once i am dead tired, i'll treat myself to a nice turkish massage ;)  Also, not to forget to click some beautiful pics of what i get to see!!! but until then here are some pics from my google search...

now that i have covered food and shopping, i might as well do a little search on places of interest to visit and things to do (apart from shopping and sun bathing) :)   so watch this space!


  1. This all sounds so exciting and adventurous!...especially the Turkish massage!!..Seems you are planning very well towards your holiday :)

  2. yesss sweetie pretty excited!! how have you been?