Sunday, July 11, 2010

whatever happens over a cup of coffee..

I woke up at 8 this morning (I know its pretty early for a sunday morning!) and was browsing through the last month's beautiful homes over a cup of coffee.. By the way its a beautiful sunny morning here in Romford and the weather is just right for some creative reading and writing. Anyway, back to the magazine, I came across this inspiring article about transforming living rooms. The article is really inspiring on how you can use simple and plain fabrics (like voile) for curtains, timeless furniture and team it up with coordinating accessories (like antique gold mirrors, old colourful jars or jugs for vases and beautiful wallpapers). The look you achieve is so personalised and lived in...

I really like the idea of inherited furniture pieces and revamping them to go with your room d├ęcor. For those like me who may not inherit vintage furniture can try getting some great deals at auctions! On telly I have seen some old unloved pieces getting restored and transformed into unique designs. Like the revamped arm chair in flower pattern fabric in this pic..

Even the distress look eggshell coloured cupboard is awesome (personally I would have preferred a darker colour maybe a tweety yellow or an indigo blue)...

 Here are some of the pictures I really liked from the House Beautiful 'june issue'...
(apologies for my not so great photography!!)

Happy sunday everyone..enjoy!!


  1. I totally agree- my home is a mix of new and old, and there's always some kind of project in the works.

    Nice post- I like the floral chair, and I love birdcages (empty ones!). :)

  2. nice ! u should set this rolling ...

  3. thanx guys!
    @ amit: thanx a lot, 2 more months to go... :)