Monday, July 26, 2010

travel is on cards!

Just 3 weeks to go and I will be on my first business trip (in economy class!) to India.. really looking forward to that!! : )
Refreshing your memory from the last update the admin work is done (special thanx to hubby dearest xx), design work is taking shape and as of now its all looking good!!! touchwood...
So excited that I am already packing my bags for the buying trip, for my very first range the shop stop is the vibrant Rajasthan, the land with the brightest colour palette and beauty spilling in its every detail..

For those who have not been to Rajasthan I am putting some pics from internet, I know its a cheat but I will put mine when I am back from the trip and... also watch out this space for updates on my menu of home products with the real taste of India!! ; )



  1. Neha that sounds so exciting! have a good trip, come back loaded with inspiration and goodies and don't forget to share!!! Best of luck in your endeavors...:)

  2. sounds exciting...all the best!! any plans for Pune??:)

  3. thanx a lot GB and Kanika (i wish i cud come but guess its not going to happen in this trip!)