Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome to my Dreamland

Hello everyone!!
Its been a while I wanted to write a blog. Primarily, because I miss my friends and I dont have anyone to talk to these days!! Sorry I dint give you much background about myself I am Neha, I am Indian and have been married for more than 2 years now (dont know why u should know it but guess my life moves around my marriage a lot)! I am a qualified designer from NIFT, Delhi.. I had always wanted to be a designer as far as I can remember.... at the age of 11 my masi (maternal aunt) had given me my first game called "fashion designer" and from there my dreams took wings!!! I still remember my days at NIFT and in the first year of college Anamika Khanna had taken some discussions about fashion.. I used to dream about becoming like her all the time... I still do that.. Its one of the dreams!!! If you hav'nt noticed something about me.. I would like to highlight I am Dreamer (a big one)... I have lots of dreams that I will keep sharing with you and would welcome you all to share your's with me. Lets say this is a blog to share Dreams... and we never know the dreams might have wings!!!

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  1. i'm sure your do have wings! all the best for this blog and all that is called life!