Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dream of a settled life!

Jolly boating weather And a hay-harvest breeze, Blade on the feather, Shade off the trees; Swing, swing together, With your body between your knees.!!!!
Yes.. thats the life I want.. I guess I have that life but what I am looking for is a permanent position!
I have loads of dreams and most of them I want to realise! These days what I want the most is to have a settled life, since for the past 2 years I have been living a nomadic life.
I am not complaining.. nomadic life has its own charm! But, its only enjoyable for a while after some time it becomes more of a task... I hate to pack and then unpack. Packing is exciting but unpacking oh god it wears me out! i think in 2 years i have packed and unpacked 4 times, i mean just imagine my plight!! Ohh we have digressed a bit.. coming back to the dream.. i really want to settle down, now the problem is where to settle!!!

For those who dont know I am in England right now. Like a loving and dutiful wife I have come with my husband whose here for work!! I absolutely love England and with all my heart wish to settle here..

No offence I like Delhi, its where I have lived all these years, its where my folks are and Delhi is the place where all the good food is! In short my heart still lies in Delhi. But...(here comes the twist) unlike Delhi, England is so peaceful and calm.. its green and extremely beautiful! People are very warm and nice.. everything about this place says take it easy! I honestly feel I have had the best time of my life living in this country!

Lets face it, its not an easy task cant realise this dream, just by dreaming!!!! I mean the dream just creates a ripple in the mind but it takes a lot more to create a whirlpool!!! So, my husband his burning his bottom on my behalf trying to realise our dream (by the way we share this dream!) and I am doing my bit by praying to Gohonzon (will talk about that in my upcoming posts) and various gods for there support & blessings.

For all those who want to settle down , I shall pray for you. While you guys better work hard on it... And together, we'll try our best and hope that our dream takes a flight!!!!
Keeep dreaminggg.....


  1. You know Di after reading your dream it feels like we have similar dreams too.
    I want certain things inlife not too farfetched and i'm working on them i we both achieve our dreams the way we like them so that we never have regrets that we didnot give it a good try.
    my dream to achieve a become someone is mightier than any happiness in life. To prove the world that i'm not just somebody but i'm someone who ppl should recognize in one look...
    I hope our dreams come true the way we both like it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I absolutely agree with you..May you achieve much more than you wish for.. all the best!