Saturday, June 11, 2011

give away day 7

i have made 2 new friends in the last 4 days.. so need to do a lucky dip! many thanks to soundarya and shikkha you both got a coin purse each! please send me your postal addresses at   Ila, Jananni and Varsha I have posted ur coin purses today so they should be with you soon.. :)

And for all my future friends the give away is still on so join in guys! please check the previous posts for give away details..


  1. Hey Neha.. Lovely purses!! i'm sure u'll have lots of friends by your birthday! Hope you have a great time..
    Loved your blog too!!

  2. i hope u pick me up today:) looking forward to that coin purse:)


  3. thanks a lot shuchi! Yes Rina I have been in a dilemma, i have not had a lot of ppl to do a give away this week so was unsure what to do? but does'nt matter I have decided to pick u and shuchi for the weeks give away! :D