Thursday, May 20, 2010


Nearly an year since I last wrote.. I did'nt abandon my blog but was super busy with my new SETTLED life.. Yess we have finally managed to achieve that and I have happily put my suitcases in the loft!! I have moved to London and I am thoroughly enjoying the new settled phase..

Now that I am settled I have started thinking (when I say thinking I mean dreaming!) about my career and the fading dream of becoming a designer like Anamika Khanna is more visible now!!

And I have decided to venture into Designing and becoming my own boss!! I have decided to bring very Indian good quality fabrics and prints to London and with my own ideas make modern style home furnishings!!!

I have thought of travelling every few months shop for fabrics and accessories that interest me and then make handmade furnishings... Although I wont be able to make a lot but the fact that each design would be different from another and very personalised.. I think it should appeal to my clients!! With this effort I wish to bring in my vision of how I see Indian festivals, its culture and its life.

The idea of using very vibrant prints and accessories may not be the newest concept that I can bring to London but my idea is to promote the real Indian textiles and bold mix n match of colors that can make a room look warm, welcoming and full of positive energy!

I am still struggling to come up with the nice name. Any suggestions on the concept are welcome and much appreciated!!


  1. Hi Neha,

    Welcome to The Keybunch. Thanks for following our blog! Your post tells me you are someone to watch out for on the decor scene, and I do hope you will keep updating us on your designs and work.

    Good luck,


  2. Hey Neha!

    All the best...sounds exciting!
    When thinking of a should go for something that you know you'll be able to keep for a long time and a name that also means something to you I guess..:)
    Let me know how you wish to progress on this and maybe we can collaborate...i'd love to help out in any way that i can!


  3. Thanks sharon.. Work is in progress, you will soon see some activity on this blog! :)

    Thanks kanika, i came up wit loads of names but yet to zero on one and yes working together is a super idea.. it wud be gr8 if u come to delhi in aug we can do sourcing together!